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Label analytics
Label testing
Label automation

Simple and powerful link shortener.

Get more from your links. Create customised short links and use A/B testings, Analytics, Automations and many more...

Smart features

Custom links

Create short branded links and manage them easily.

Feature links

Get Exact Reports

Analize your links and find out where your users are coming from (device, country/city, referrer)

Feature analytics


Put your links on autopilot (schedule rotation, change target conditionnaly, ...)

Feature automation
Picto analytics

A/B Testing, find which link converts the most

Picto integrations

Integrate your links easily with many apps

Picto qrcode

Generate branded QR codes from your links

Get more from your links

Pickurl is the best link shortener that offers everything you need to make your links short and effective. With Pickurl, you can customize your urls, do a/b testing, automate your shortening process, create branded qr codes, and even use your own domain name.

Create branded links

If you use a pickurl branded short URL, you can give your website or blog a more professional look. Additionally, you can customize your pickurl domain to make it more memorable and easy to type.

Track better

The ability to track and analyze the clicks on your links can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by understanding what content is resonating with your audience.

Test easier

When using A/B testing, you can quickly test different target URLs to see which one performs the best. This can help you determine which version is the most effective for promoting your content.

CTA Gradient

Ready to get started?

Pickurl is the ultimate way to improve your links. We make it easy for you to find the best, most relevant links for your website.

Try Pickurl, Grow Fast

Pickurl is still in early stage and developing with our lovely users. Come join us in shaping the future of pickurl and take advantage of the limited lifetime offer.


Our free plan allows you to easily shorten and share long URLs, to share them on social media, in emails, and in other communication channels.

$0 /month

No credit card required

  • Shorten up to 100 links (urz.lv)

  • Get Essential Analytics

  • Generate QR Codes

  • Custom Domain

  • Standart Support

  • Retargeting Pixels

  • A/B Testing

  • Link automation

  • App integrations

  • Team Members

Pricing Gradient
Starter (Early adopter)

Starter plan allows you to add your custom domain, get advanced analytics (up to 30k records) and use advanced features such as link automation, A/B testing.

$39 /once

Lifetime access

  • Unlimited Customised Links

  • Advanced Analytics (Up to 30k records)

  • Generate QR Codes

  • 1 Custom Domain

  • Standart Support

  • 2 Retargeting Pixels

  • A/B Testing

  • Link automation

  • App integrations

  • Team Members

Pro (Early adopter)

Get the most of Pickly with our Pro plan. Use multiple custom domains, add up to 10 team members and get ulimited analytics records and more.

$69 /once

Lifetime access

  • Unlimited Customised Links

  • Unlimited Analytics

  • Generate QR Codes

  • 10 Custom Domain

  • Premium Support

  • Unlimited Retargeting Pixels

  • A/B Testing

  • Link automation

  • App integrations

  • 10 Team Members

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