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Nicolas Dommanget-Muller

Nicolas Dommanget-Muller


A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a powerful method that can help businesses and organizations improve the performance of their website or landing page.

A/B testing involves creating two versions of a page, each with a different element or design, and then showing the two versions to different users to see which one performs better.

By comparing the results of the two versions, businesses can determine which design is more effective and use that information to improve the overall performance of their website or landing page.

Different paths

As we defined what is an A/B test, we can go further and see how to apply it on a link.

Creating an A/B test through a link will allow you to redirect your users to different versions of their websites. Pickurl allows you to provide at least 2 URLs by A/B testing link, then you will be able to set the distribution on them (Example: 60% to link A, 40% to link B).

By doing this, you will be able to track which version your audience prefers by analyzing the results directly from Pickurl's Dashboard. You will get accurate data on the conversion of each page.

This data will be precious to take great decisions about your future changes. You will be able to decide which version converts the most.

Automatic decisions

Automatic decisions

We've seen that A/B testing is a great method to find out the best and the most converting version of your website.

Pickurl is allowing you to automatically redirect your users after A/B testing multiple versions of your site. You will just have to set a time to select the winner of your A/B test.

Your users will not see that the redirection is happening as they are redirected before going to your website.


A/B testing is a great method to take great decisions about your website, landing page, and product page. It allows you to find out which version converts the most. Once you got an overview of the results, you can either choose the definitive version yourself or set a time to automatically pick the winner.

Pickurl is a great solution to set up A/B testing on your links.

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Nicolas Dommanget-Muller

Nicolas Dommanget-Muller

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Nicolas Dommanget-Muller

Nicolas Dommanget-Muller